Walker, 2017, oil on mdf, 40x50cm
Cocoon III, 2017, oil on mdf, 30x20cm
Untitled, 2018, 40x30cm.
The tower, 2017, oil pastel, chalk and oil paint on linen canvas, mirror, oak frame, 300x130cm. Photo by Istvan Virag.
The tower. Installation view Galleri F15. Photo by Istvan Virag.
Pond, 2018, 250x130cm, oil, oil pastel, chalk and resin on canvas.
and whose army, 2018, oil on mdf and aluminium.
and whose army, installation view GalleriF15. Photo by Istvan Virag.
Untitled, 2017, 38x45cm, oil on mdf.

© Lina Norell

Cocoon I, 2017, oil on mdf, 40x30 cm
Cocoon II, 2017, oil on mdf, 40x30cm